Hans Sautter, Photographer

A graduate of the Munich Academy of Photography, Hans Sautter specializes in editorial, corporate and architectural assignments. He works from a highly defined point of view, pursuing projects with a passion while committing to excellence in all aspects of the work. Such commitment includes spending weeks or even months to gain the necessary knowledge and trust of a subject.

One aspect of his work is a special interest in the lives of humans — our environment and modes of transportation. Another is a particular focus on the imminent loss of nature and indigenous culture or the signs of their disappearance. Photography here is a medium that sheds light on what is passing from view.

Hans has delivered in intimate detail the green universe of Central African Pygmies and the urban jungle of the New York cabbie; the broad horizons of Australia’s roadtrain truckers and the cloistered realm of Kyoto’s geisha; the dizzying heights of a schooner’s rigging in a squall and the weird depths of pachinko parlors; the windy towers of Chicago skyscrapers and women in windswept dunes of Japan’s northern coast, who fought a battle against erosion.

Hans has been based in Asia for more than 40 years and currently works from Tokyo, Yogyakarta and Bangkok on projects comprising not only photography but documentary film. Recent work includes corporate assignments in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand and editorial features in Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. Hans has appeared in media by institutions like National Geographic, Smithsonian and the WWF; corporate clients like Siemens, Delta, and Mitsubishi; and leading magazines like Time, GEO and Nature.








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